About Texas Travelers

If you live in Texas and enjoy camping in your RV, we’d like to invite you to be our guest and camp with our Good Sam Chapter.

The objectives of the Texas Travelers are: To promote good fellowship and general social activities for members and guests with recreational vehicles; To promote camping, outings, rallies and caravan trips; and travel, fun, and fellowship for members and guests.

We camp the second weekend of each month (see schedule) and a typical meeting weekend would consist of:

      • Friday evening many go out to dinner together followed by games in the clubhouse and fellowship around a campfire or on the front porch (coffee is always on and there is usually a wide assortment of snacks)
      • Saturday morning the Officers/Board of Directors meet at 9:30 followed at 10 by the General Meeting
      • The afternoon may be shopping, games, an outing to a local attraction or something special planned by our hosts
      • Saturday evening is a planned meal (usually potluck) followed again by something planned by our hosts or games and fellowship
      • Sunday morning a non-denominational devotional is held for those who wish to attend

Members sign up to host a weekend (usually 2 rigs co-host each month), who then plan the weekend as to type of meal, special entertainment, theme, etc.

Camp grounds are chosen by our Wagon Master and are within a 150 mile radius of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

There are many times that a member is planning a trip, mentions it at a meeting, and then is joined by others wishing to accompany them. Recently 14 rigs went to Branson, MO; 7 or so went down to Choke Canyon; and there are always a number going to various Samborees.

The advantages of joining a Good Sam Chapter are the support we give one another, the fellowship, and the fun and games. We learn about the care and maintenance of our rigs by sharing information and we have a family feeling about one another. We hope that you will visit us and enjoy a weekend of camping and fellowship.


For more information Please contact us.