July 2021 Campout Report

There was no camp at the Sanger KOA. July 2021 was a busy month with family reunions (after COVID), rigs in the shop, and no rig at all. Looking forward to the Fall so we can get back on track in September!

Hope your Independence Day celebrations were fun and sparkly, the family reunions did not become family feuds, all repairs were completed well, and all rigs are now in the possession of our membership.

Happy, healthy travelling.

Carol A. Duke

June 2021 Campout Report

June Campout at Bedrock RV Park
in collaboration with
Lucille Bean, Tim Duke, Jan King, Janie Linders

We had a great turnout for our June Campout with drive ins, visitors, and Frontier Sam’s them rig.  Unfortunately, when they started to open, one of the slides got stuck and would not go out completely.    Wednesday, they packed up, went home, unloaded the rig, and drove it directly to Rick’s RV Service in Kaufman.  Not much of a maiden voyage!

We really lucked out on the dates of our camp because the City of Grand Saline was have their annual Salt Festival replete with street dances, concerts, fun, food, activities for kids, games, baking contest, talent contest, arts & crafts, parade, daily lunch specials from local vendors, and a fabulous car show.  Friday began with Joker, Skip-Bo, Five Crowns, Dominoes.  The ladies went to lunch together at a local establishment and a good time was had by all.    Dinner reservations were at 5:00 pm at Richie’s BBQ.  However, they had an extensive menu to please all tastes.  The Fitzgeralds drove in and brought the Dukes.  After dinner, we held our monthly meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday the city of Grand Saline had the Salt Festival Parade.  While originally scheduled for 9:00 a.m., there was a rain delay move to 10:30 a.m.  Back at Bedrock RV, the hall was open for games and visiting.  Then, the long awaited, much anticipated Painting with Jan & Jane began at 12:30 p.m.  Sign up had been required and the cost was $7.00 per person.  There was large 2participation, even with the gentlemen.  While we did not have any Rembrant’s, we did have a fun time.  At the hosts’ request, the hall was cleared to allow them time to prepare for dinner. 

As the camp began with the Dukes, the camp ended with the Linders.  They had a slide that would not go back into place.  They replaced a switch, and all was well. (Much less expensive than replacing the whole slide floor) Such are the adventures in camping!

May 2021 Campout Report

May Campout at KOA Choctaw
submitted by
 Ty & Delores Kolb

We had a decent turnout for the May Campout with 2 drive ins and one via phone conversation, along with good representation from Frontier Sam’s.  It turns out this was the first campout sanctioned by Good Sam’s, which is good news for the rest of the year.  We did the usual activities of game playing and conversation to cure the world’s problems.  It seems we just have to have inclement weather at our campouts, as rain threatened  throughout the entire campout.  We had a very nice Friday group meal in Durant at a steakhouse that we had used at other campouts.  The hosts provided a great meal on Saturday evening.  Nola and the Linders, outstanding work!  And the price was right!  We had visitors, Eldon and Molly who are checking us out. 

See you all at the Bedrock Campout in June!


by Carol Duke

Arrivals began on Wednesday, the Dukes joined Sid & Lynda Garner and Norwood & Corinda King at Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas.  The Garners were headed to Gilbert’s Pecan Company for some tasty shopping.  Tim had work to do on the rig, so Carol joined the Garners shopping and sampling the bountiful selections. 

Thursday, more camping buddies came in, so the games began in full force.

 Friday, April 9, 2021, was the long-anticipated Baker Hotel Tour that began at 2:00 p.m.  BIG THANKS to Janie Linders who “knew someone”, who “knew someone” who could give us insider information and a remarkably interesting tour of the restoration process.  The Baker Hotel was a once popular luxury destination that opened its doors in 1929, but since the 1970s the hotel has sat empty in ruin.  Known locally as “The Grand Old Lady”, the structure still stands 14 stories tall.  Though officially closed in 1972, the doors of the Hotel are set to open again thanks to a $68-million renovation project.  The fully air-conditioned hotel opened two (2) weeks after the great stock market crash of 1929, but its 460 room, suites, and spas still attracted celebrities, musicians, and politicians from all over the world.  The Baker’s opulent interiors and the “healing” mineral waters (likened to the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas) drew such notables as Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan, Judy Garland, and even the infamous bandit duo Bonnie & Clyde stopped by.  There will be a special memorial suite with the door from a resident who was proposed to, married, and lived in the Baker Hotel until its closure.  A noted real estate developer in Southlake, Texas told the New York Times, “This is not a renovation of a building.  This is a renovation of a town.”  The renovation is proceeding for a reopening in stages beginning in 2022 with full operation to commence in 2024, barring any unforeseen delays.  We had many friends and guests of friends join us:  Lucille Bean, Wayne & Lou Brush, John & Jo Damron, Carol Duke, Norm & Carol Fitzgerald, Sid & Lynda Garner, Norwood & Corinda King, Rick & Jan King, Dolores Kolb, Vaughn and Janie Linders, Stephanie Mesquias, Mike & Sharon McCollough, Jerry & Joyce McReynolds, Shiryl Nelson, Marilyn Penton, Gay & Weldon Ritchie (natives of Mineral Wells), and Brett Reed.  Many pictures were taken and shared on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Texas.Travelers  

Early Saturday, April 10th, Wayne Brush took Lou to a hospital in Weatherford for a possible heart attack.  We were notified by a knock on doors of our rigs by Janie Linders, who had been informed of the situation by Lucille Bean.  A few already gathered at the Fitgerald’s rig prayed for a positive outcome.  Next, we began informing others with us as well as the Lyles who were driving in.  The consensus was those friends camping would meet to communicate updates, as available, on Lou.  We had upcoming events in addition to sightseeing and good restaurants in the Santo, Mineral Wells, and Weatherford area to review.  As prompted by Scott, Tim Duke led us in prayer again lifting up Lou as well as Wayne and others.  Carol Fitzgerald led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  Friends joining the discussions at the Star Hall in Coffee Creek were:  Lucille Bean, Tim & Carol Duke, Norm & Carol Fitzgerald, Norwood & Corinda King, Rick & Jan King, Ty & Dolores Kolb, Vaughn & Janie Linders, Scott & Darla Lyles, Mike & Sharon McCollough, Bob & Shiryl Nelson, and Nola Schrum.  We also had Dolores’ cousin, Carolyn Zimmer with her husband, Bill.  

Some of the items discussed were:

  1. The resumption of formal camping under a national organization.
  2. The structure that would best accommodate a group of friends and their guests throughout the year.
  3. Would the organizational structure include a Board of Directors?  What offices should be elected or appointed:  President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and what term limits?  Outline of duties and responsibilities for President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, others:  Wagon Master, News Letter, Sunshine, Historian, Activities Person or Committee?, Chaplain, Yearbook updates.
  4. How would the election process work?  Nominating Committee, Nominees, Ballots, Installation were considerations.  When should the process begin:  May with committee, Nominees by July, October ballots–in person or mail?, November election, December installation for the next calendar year.  
  5. The Tubs & Storage of equipment:  Janie will be in charge of disposal.  
  6. Rick King proposed the CPR class as recent events indicate the need.  Although, if Nola is present she has a stethoscope and Blue Bag for such emergencies. Nola will assist Rick.
  7. Vaughn Linders suggested combining the Thanksgiving and Christmas camps this year as families would probably want to gather as COVID protocols are being relaxed as more are vaccinated. 
  8. It was suggested having the closest Fire and Hospital numbers and locations to the camping site readily available just in case of emergencies.

On another note, we have several of our group with new as well as ongoing health issues:

  1. Lou Brush hospitalized with heart issues.  At this writing she is home, resuming normal activities, and awaiting an appointment with her own specialist. 
  2. Ty Kolb had a procedure to correct an issue with his heart on April 12, 2021.  Update: He tolerated the procedure well and was released home.  Ty and Dolores plan to camp with the group in Durant, Oklahoma.  
  3. Carol Fitzgerald had a thyroid biopsy set for April 20, 2021. It was cancelled but is set for reschedule ASAP.   Diagnostic mammogram is set for April 27, 2021.  
  4. Norm Fitzgerald had a heart ablation on April 21, 2021.  Update: Norm did stay overnite for observation, but is home, resting, and relaxing.
  5. Rick King has a stress test scheduled on April 26, 2021.
  6. Jim Beasley still enjoys the strawberry ice cream at his hospice care facility(Collier Place , 4650 Collier Park Street, Beaumont, Texas).  He is receiving mail through is his sister:  Jim Beasley, ℅ Nancy Powell, 3910 Inverness Drive, Beaumont, Texas.  

We had cake & ice cream after our discussions to celebrate birthdays for Bob & Shiryl Nelson(both in April) in addition to a 51st Anniversary for Mike & Sharon McCollough on April 25.  

Cotton Patch catered our evening meal of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls with Mike McCollough and Tim Duke making the pick up and delivery.  (Ask them about the asphalt green beans)

Sunday, April 10, Janie Linders led with special music related to the devotion topic of Zaccheus.  She added a wonderful memory of teaching children new Bible story songs in VBS.  Tim Duke shared a new perspective on Zaccheus in the sycamore tree with Bible reading from the group as well as guest, Bill Zimmer. 

Thanks to all for a great camp!!!!!





 2  Jim Beasley                    4  Mike & Mickie Hardesty 53 yrs

 4 Elaine Toleos                    5 Jim & Darlene Beasley(would 

 7 AC Blair                            have been 3 yrs- 2018 to 2021)

14 Carol Fitzgerald           



 Future Camping

Month Dates Location
May 4/28-5/2/21 KOA Choctaw
June 6/9-6/12/21 Bedrock
July 7/7-7/10/21 Antique Capital
August Open  
September Rally virtual?  
October 10/6-10/9/21 Bedrock
November 11/10-11/14/21 Coffee Creek
December 12/8-12/12/21 KOA Choctaw

May Holidays

May  5    Cinco de Mayo (Wednesday)

May  6    National Day of Prayer ((Thursday)

May  9    Mother’s Day (Sunday)

May 13    Ascension Day (Thursday)

May 15    Armed Forces Day (Saturday)

May 23    Pentecost (Sunday)



March 2021 Camping With Friends

Camping with Friends Updates
By Carol Duke

On March 13, 2021 a group of friends who like to camp were camping at Bedrock RV Park near Grand Saline.  We were sitting around visiting and catching up on things during the last year of COVID -19 pandemic as well as more recent occurrences in Texas with the Arctic Storm.  Ty Kolb led us in prayer as we went forward with our discussions and Darla Lyles led in the Pledge of Allegiance to our nation’s flag. 

Since the pandemic is ongoing the CDC restrictions are still in place, but the consensus was that our “normal” camping might resume with completion of the protocols for COVID-19 vaccinations/shots for most of our camping buddies.  Those friends at the camp were:  Johnny & Brenda Bean, AC and JoEllen Blair, Wayne & Lou Brush, Tim & Carol Duke via phone, Norm & Carol Fitzgerald, Rick & Jan King, Ty & Dolores Kolb, Vaughn & Janie Linders, and Scott & Darla Lyles.  

We took some time to catch up on some of our friends as follows:

  1. Darlene Beasley passed away last year from ongoing cancer.
  2. Jim Beasley is in hospice care
  3. Mable Gilmore is healthy in Hillsboro, her only trips being the Post Office and grocery store
  4. Patsy Irby has continuing medical treatment several days a week. Larry still driving Mrs. Patsy
  5. Mike & Sharon McCollough had contractors coming for repairs to their home as a result of the Arctic Storm in February, 2021.
  6. Bob & Shiryl Nelson’s son-in-law, Tommy, continuing serious heart issues
  7. Zona Thurman passed away from COVID-19 earlier this year.
  8. Dale Thurman had COVID, was hospitalized, was not able to attend her funeral. He was released from hospital and back at home
  9. Bud & Elaine are still in the Valley

Everyone present was looking forward to the evening meal catered by Golden Chick in Mineola, with Ty Kolb making the pick-up and delivery.

As usual we like to keep up with important days of our friends.  Larry Irby will have a birthday on March 31 and Norm & Carol Fitzgerald will have an anniversary on March 18.

For those who want to keep in touch here are some updates:

Jim Beasley                                                                Mable Gilmore
c/o Nancy Powell                                                     P.O. Box 1287
3910 Inverness Drive                                            Hillsboro, TX  76645-1267               
Beaumont, Texas
Physical location:                                                     Dale Thurman
Collier Place                                                               552 CR 138
4650 Collier Park Street                                     Gainesville. TX  76240-1683
Beaumont, Texas


Best Wishes and Congratulations for April

Birthdays:  Shiryl Nelson   April 15  
                          Bob Nelson      April 20         

Anniversary:  Mike & Sharon McCollough  April 25


Future Camping for 2021

April 4-7-4/11/21 Coffee Creek
May 4/28-5/2/21 KOA Choctaw
June 6/9-6/12/21 Bedrock
July 7/7-7/10/21 Antique Capital
August open  
September Rally?  
October 10/6-10/9/21  
November 11/10-11/14/21 Coffee Creek
December 12/8-12/12/21 KOA Choctaw

Please see Webpage for details.

Happy Daylight Savings Time
Spring Forward

March 2020 Campout Report

Bedrock RV
Grand Saline, TX
March 13 – 15
By Brenda Bean

Hello Texas Travelers,

We had a great weekend camping at Grand Saline, we had 8 rigs and 3 drive ins, attending were:

Johnny and Brenda – hosts
Jay and Gloria
Rick and Jan
Lou and Wayne
Jim and  Darlene
Carol and Norm
Ty and Delores –  suite at Bedrock

Darla and Scott – drive in
Bud and Elaine  – drive in
Bob and Shiryl   -drive in

Gloria, Wayne and Lou had blue shirts for anyone that needed them, as well as  lanyards and patches. It was exciting to see folks wear the shirts all weekend…. I think we like them!

Also, Norm designed and ordered business cards and everyone was encouraged to take some and hand them out as you see fit.

Thursday evening we traveled to Winnsboro Tx to Tino V’s Mexican Restaurant. Gloria was checking out a singer for the September Mini Rally.  Janet Adams was great! She sings country, gospel and loud!

Friday evening, Texas Travelers and Frontier, there were 28 of us, had dinner at The Lumberyard in Edgewood.   We had a back room to ourselves and excellent service.

Several folks ask about our matching shirts and were given our TT cards!

Saturday evening we had a pot luck meal, the hall was decorated for St Patrick’s day until someone ( Johnny Bean)  bought red solo cups instead of clear and suddenly we flashed RIGHT BACK to Christmas.  When asked WHY he bought those red cups he responded “Red was cheaper than the clear cups.” Well, there you have it!

Of course we had GAMES! Delores brought Farkle and that’s fun! Big winners were Delores (she kept score) and Norm.  Not sure who won at Joker, but I’m sure they won fair and square,

Jay Delmar did and excellent job with the devolution Sunday morning. His text was from John 11 about  Lazarus.


Brenda Bean

February 2020 Campout Report

Choctaw KOA
Durant, OK
February 7 – 9 2020
By: Darla Lyles

All you need is love, isn’t that how the song goes? Even with the weather not being so lovely Wednesday, causing angst amongst us campers, Jay and Gloria Delmar and Wayne and Lou Brush ventured out Thursday morning. Scott and Darla Lyles ventured out Friday afternoon as did Nola Schrum, a visitor. We had 10 rigs together with Frontier and the KOA allowed us to use their lovely clubhouse. The weather also proved lovely, with temps reaching into the mid-60’s on Saturday.

Jay and Gloria brought deer chili and all the fixins for dinner Thursday night. And, as I understand it, there was an incident with Jay’s most prized hat.

We all gathered for dinner at Naifeh’s Friday night and had a lovely time. Then we headed back to Choctaw for card games, visiting and chocolate.

Jim and Darlene Beasley, Lucille Bean, Norm and Carol Fitzgerald, Patsy and Larry Irby, and Mike and Sharon McCullough all arrived Saturday morning. We had our meeting and celebrated Patsy Irby and Mike McCullough’s birthdays and Larry and Patsy Irby’s anniversary with three lovely desserts—a white ice cream cake with chocolate ice cream; a chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream and a sugar free chocolate loaf with sugar-free ice cream. Then we played card games, Joker, visited, and ate various snacks. Later on, the hall was decorated and Frontier served grilled chicken and baked potatoes. There were lots of yummy sides and lovely desserts. After dinner, us friends played a few rousing games of Valentine Bingo until the fabulous prizes were gone! Kudos to Gloria! (Just for the record, all prizes under $5).

Sunday morning Jay Delmar brought our devotional from Hebrews on God’s promises, hope and love. Jay and Gloria and Wayne and Lou went to breakfast at Choctaw and just as breakfast arrived, our visitor, Nola Schrum needed some help. She experienced car trouble and Wayne called a tow truck for her making sure the tow truck arrived before hanging up. Nola, her SUV and her camper were safely transported off the roadway and taken to their needed destinations. Thank you Wayne for your assistance and eating a cold breakfast! It must have been Wayne’s day because the shuttle ride from the Casino to the campground proved to be, well, weird. The story might just be an opening for the next meeting!

It was a fun weekend! We will be camping March 11-15 at Bedrock, Grand Saline. See ya there!

Happy Trails!

January 2020 Report

The January camp-out was canceled this year. However, we did get together for dinner and a business meeting, at Siciliano’s A Taste of Italy in Garland. In attendance were: Wayne & Lou Brush, Rick King, Jay & Gloria Delmar, Johnny & Brenda Bean, Scott & Darla Lyles, Vaugn & Janie Linders, Norm & Carol Fitzgerald, AC & Jo Ellen Blair, Larry & Patsy Irby, Lucille  Bean, Mildred Pittman and Bob & Wanda Price.

We voted to change the name of the chapter to “Texas Travelers”. We also voted to adopt light blue chambray  shirts and to order new badges with a blue background and white front along with blue lanyards. Each member will purchase their own shirt. Gloria Delmar will order the new badges. Norm Fitzgerald will create a new website and submit suggestions for a new logo. We will vote on the new logo at the February meeting.