July 2022 Minutes

         Submitted by Sharon McCollough

DATE:  July 9, 2022

LOCATION:  Lake Athens Marina and RV Park

President Scott Lyles called the meeting to order and requested all cell phones be silenced.

OPENING PRAYER:  Vaughn Linders


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS/NEW MEMBERS:  Guests were Larry Walker and Cecil Lawrence of DFW Sam’s.

President Lyles asked if there were any corrections or changes to the minutes as posted on the Website.  There were no changes or corrections.  Carol Duke made a motion to accept the minutes as posted and was seconded by Vaughn Linders.  Motion carried.

Those present at the meeting were:  Scott and Darla Lyles, Carol and Norm Fitzgerald, Carol and Tim Duke, Lou and Wayne Brush, Janie and Vaughn Linders, Gloria and Jay Delmar, Johnny and Brenda Bean, Elaine and Bud Toleos, Lucille Bean, Mike and Sharon McCollough.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Balance did not change.  The signature cards were signed and the address was changed to Carol Duke’s house.  Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Mike McCollough.  Seconded by Lou Brush.  Motion carried.

WAGON MASTER REPORT:  There were 9 rigs and one drive in.

SUNSHINE REPORT:  Patsy Irby is adjusting to their move. Getting along much better.  Larry is really enjoying the food there. 

Gloria is making good progress after her knee surgery.  Nurse Jay is doing well.

Delores Kolb may be having a hip replacement.  Will let us know.

The King’s made an offer on a house in New Braunfels.  They will be closing on July 28th.

After all the problems that the Brushes had with their sewer hose on their trip to Mount Rushmore, Lou bought Wayne a new sewer hose for his birthday.

HISTORIAN’S REPORT:  No Report this month.

CHAPLAIN REPORT:  There will be no service as the hall is being used by another group.

BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES:  Happy Birthday to Wayne Brush and Tim Duke.  Happy Anniversary to Tim and Carol Duke.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Scott said that he thought our co-camping with DFW Sam’s went well.  Everyone agrees that they are a very compatible group.  They like to play the same games we do and most importantly, they like to eat.  Some of our group even learned the Joker, Jr. game and liked it.  Larry Walker and Cecil Lawrence commented that the DFW Sam’s thought it was a very good weekend and their group is excited about possibly camping with us permanently.  Wayne Brush made a motion that we start camping with the DFW Sam’s. Carol Duke seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

There will be a mini-rally in Mineola as they have 48 rigs registered to attend.  If you want to attend, please register quickly.  There will be entertainment for four nights.  This may be the last mini-rally.

Gloria told us that there will be a State Rally in Missouri.  They will have tours to the Clydesdale Ranch and an old Historical Prison.  The next State Rally will be in Kansas and then in Oklahoma.  If you are interested in going to any of these, please get in contact with Jay or Gloria Delmar.  These may be the last Rallys.

Due to the very strange year of not having enough rigs for our campouts, a motion was made by Wayne Brush that we keep the same officers for next year.  Second was made by Carol Fitzgerald.  Current officers agreed to this motion.  Motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS:  Since the vote to co-camp with the DFW Sam’s was approved, Vaughn Linders suggested that we communicate with them about hosting and scheduling.  At this time, there will be two wagon masters working together.

Carol Duke made a motion that the August campout at Choctaw be cancelled due to the heat. The DFW Sam’s are not having a campout in August.  Seconded by Janie Linders.  Motion carried.

The DFW Sam’s have a luncheon scheduled at Mona’s Pasta and Pizza in Arlington on August 17th.  They have invited us to join them.  We will need to let them know if we are coming.

A motion was made by Tim Duke to have our October campout at the Lazy L in Sherman with DFW Sam’s instead of Mineola Civic Center.  Hosts will be The Duke’s and the Fitzgerald’s.  Seconded by Lou Brush.  Motion carried.  There will be a group of us leaving Sherman and going to Fredericksburg for a week.

There will be no September campout because of the mini-rally.

In November, the DFW Sam’s have a regular campout.  They do not have a Thanksgiving dinner.  We will be camping at Bushman’s RV at Bullard, Texas.

The first weekend of December (Dec. 1st-4th), we will be joining the DFW Sam’s at Airstream RV Park (NTAC) in Hillsboro, Texas for a Christmas Party.  It will be at 2:00 on Saturday, meats will be catered.  There will be a sign-up sheet for side dishes.  Tables can be decorated by individuals.  Games will be played with prizes.  We will have a gift exchange for men and women.  No more than $15.00 per gift.

Our visitor, Cecil Lawrence drew the ticket for our 50/50 drawing.  The Fitzgerald’s won $40.00.  $45.00 was given to our treasurer, Carol Duke to deposit.

HOST REPORT:  Dinner was hosted by DFW Sam’s.  Dinner of Chili Dogs and Sloppy Joes are being served at 5:30 pm.  Everyone bring a side dish to go with the meal.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Vaughn Linders. Seconded by Mike McCollough.  Motion carried.

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