May 2021 Minutes

May Texas Travelers Minutes

Date: May 1, 2021

Location: Choctaw KOA in  Durant, Oklahoma

Meeting was called to order by:  President Wayne Brush. 

Opening prayer was given by:  Ty Kolb

Pledge of Allegiance was led by: Carol Fitzgerald

Introduction of guests and new members:  Wayne Brush introduced Eldon & Molly Pittman

Secretary’s report: No meeting in April 2021.

Treasurer’s Report: Lou Brush presented the report:

Treasurer Report: 05-01-2021    
Balance Forward 620.17  
Total Deposits: 0  
Ending Balance 620.17  
Less Pending Bills/Obligations:    
Janie Linders—Chapter Supplies 21.04  
Current EOM Available Funds Balance 599.04  
Current Balance 599.04  
Treasurer Lou Brush



Motion to accept was made by:  Nola Schrum, seconded by Carol Fitzgerald.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted. 

Wagon Master’s report was provided by:   Wayne Brush for Tim Duke.  Six (6) rigs from Texas Travelers and Five (5) rigs from Frontier Sams.  Those present for the meeting were:  Wayne & Lou Brush, Carol Duke, Norm & Carol Fitzgerald, Larry & Patsy Irby, Rick & Jan King, Ty & Dolores Kolb, Vaughn & Janie Linders, Scott & Darla Lyles, Bob & Shiryl Nelson, and Nola Schrum

Newsletter report:  If members want a printed copy, then furnish stamped, self-addressed envelopes or print yourself from the website.

 Sunshine Report:  In the absence of Brenda Bean, several individuals offered updates:

 1) Lou is doing well

2) Jim Beasley was taken off strawberry ice cream as blood sugar numbers were too high

3) Delmars plan to camp next month

4) Toleos’ returning from the Valley and plan to camp next month

Historian Report: Janie Linders provided some fun facts:  Subway opened in 1965 and makes 5,300 sandwiches per day.  M& M is the most popular candy.  To Kill a Mockingbird and Green Eggs and Ham are the most popular books (after the Bible) being sold today.  Walmart still sells Green Eggs and Ham.

 Chaplain’s Report: Vaughn Linders for Tim Duke.  Meet at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Anniversaries & Birthdays: Birthdays being recognized were:  Jim Beasley, Elaine Toleos, and Carol Fitzgerald, who was present.  There were no anniversaries.

President’s reportWayne Brush advised that he had spoken with State President, Ron Boullin.  Ron stated that Good Sams was resuming normal camping as of April 30, 2021. 

           There was an item from the April discussions concerning elimination of a Board of Directors for the Chapter.  Janie Linders made the motion to abolish the BOD.  Rick King seconded the motion.  The vote was in favor of abolishment.

           Disbursement of Chapter Supply Tubs and Contents was handled by Janie Linders.

            CPR Class initially discussed by former President Rick King a couple of years ago will be coordinated with Nola Schrum, who is the Student Faculty Adviser at TWU.  Their Student Nursing Association has a directive for community service, thus presenting a CPR class would meet their directive.  The class, time, and location TBD.  In the meantime, Nola has a  kit and will be available as our chapter “Nancy Nurse”.

            The elected officers for the Chapter are:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  It was discussed that the election of officers should be simplified as a result of diminishing numbers.  Some suggestions were:   There will be three (3) members on the nomination committee.  We should consider eliminating mail-in voting and have a secret ballot at the appropriate meeting.  Eliminating the mail-in process will eliminate an unnecessary expense.  Also, the rule on membership length should be modified to conform to our current situation. 

            The subject of drive-ins was brought up.  There are some campgrounds that have had a $5.00 charge for members attending the meeting, but without a rig.  Wagon master Tim Duke advised there was no conflict from the campgrounds and has not been brought up to him or to Sid Garner with Frontier.  If it becomes an issue, then we can deal with it at that time.

            It was suggested as a result of recent events, that the closest fire and hospital numbers to a campground be readily available.   Norm Fitzgerald stated he had already added the information to the Chapter website.  No further action needed. Vaughn Linders made a motion to combine the Thanksgiving and Christmas Camps as folks this year would likely want to spend the time with their families as the CDC relaxed the pandemic guidelines.  A lively discussion included:

  • Spreading out the duties and delegation to members other than officers
  • Installing the newly elected officers in November for the following year vs. December
  • Scott will approach the Delmars for hosting in December as they are planning to resume camping
  • Norwood King will discuss hosting with Frontier

            Based on these discussions, the Standard Operating Procedures will need to be updated and voted on at the next meeting.  It was agreed that the Texas Travelers’ Requirements will remain the same under the revision of Texas Travelers Expectations. 

            Campgrounds are now having a hard 15 to get use of a hall.  Used to be a soft/flexible 10.  the Chapter needs new members to reach the 15 rig count needed.  We have partnered with Frontier.  There is a possibility of other chapters partnering.  Also, a possibility of smaller chapters dissolving with their members able to join as new members with ongoing chapters.  Bottom line, we need to recruit actively.  Or, have a group of campers that does not care about the rules and regulations of a national organization.  These are some things to think about prior to the next rally. 

Host’s Report:   Janie Linders announced the hall should be cleared and be ready to eat by 5:30 pm.  the cost is $6.50 per person for Lasagna, Green Beans, Salad, and Nothin’ Bundt Cake for dessert. 

Committee Report:  None

Unfinished Business:  None

New Business: Janie Linders proposed that at the next camp (June)  an activity of Painting would be organized with sufficient interest.  She needs an accurate headcount.  Hands were raised  by those present at the meeting.    Please let Janie know (if you were not at the Durant rally) if you wish to participate.

            Carol Duke reminded that updated photos and rig information will be needed for the yearbook. 

Vaughn Linders made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Carol Fitzgerald.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.