March 2020 Minutes

The Business Meeting was held at Bedrock RV Resort in Grand Saline Texas, March 14, 2020

The Meeting was called to order by President Wayne Brush
He asked everyone to silence their cell phones
The opening Prayer was given by Ty Kolb
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Beasley
Nola Schrum.
Nola has completed a Membership Application. Ballots were passed out by Scott Lyles
for a Membership Vote.
Secretary Report
There were no corrections or changes in the report.
Motion was made by Carol Fitzgerald to accept the report.
Seconded by Jim Beasley.
Motion Carried
Treasurer Report
February Balance was      $903.70
    ” 50-50 Drawing                45.00
Donations                             62.00
March Balance                 $1010.70
Less Pending Bills
Wayne Brush 50 Patches $462.20
Wayne Brush  Sewing on 10 Patches  $27.20
Current Balance  $521.30
50-50 Fund Balance $300.76
Usable Funds  $220.54
End of Month Balance $521.30
Motion to Accept Treasures Report Carol Fitzgerald
Seconded by Ty Kolb
Motion Carried
Wagon Master Report  given by Wayne Brush
7 Member rigs, 1 Visitor.
2 Drive Ins
Sunshine Report  Brenda Bean
Larry Irby, having kidney stones, 
Patsy Irby having back pains, but not cancer
Tim Duke having stem cell implants on his knee
Darla Lyles is having surgery on March, 19 for fibroid tumor.
Postponed pain shots until later date.
Darlene Beasley, had MRI, shows no cancer
Yearbook Report
Historian Report
Chaplain Report
Jay Delmar, Services at 9:00 am, bring your hymnal.
Birthdays and Anniversaries, given by Scott Lyles
Birthdays , Larry Irby, 31st, 
Anniversary, Norm and Carol Fitzgerald, 18th
Host Report
Cake and Ice Cream after Meeting
Clear the Hall at 4;00
Dinner at 5:00
ASD Report,  Jay Delmar
State Rally, April, 9th thru 12th at Canton Civic Center, Parking $20.00 per night.
Officially starts on Thursday, but will be events on Tuesday & Wednesday.
Presidents Meeting held in Terrell on Mini Rally Planning
Mini Rally rate is $26.00
Stated need to write letter to Marcus Lemonis on helping Chapters
New Business
Wayne emailed updated SOPs to Members in advance of a Secret Ballot Vote
Ballots were counted, Vote Carried.
There was Chapter discussion on putting Member information on the Website to replace the previous Yearbook.
Wayne asked for a show of hands on all in favor, was not a vote.
Most if not all were in favor.
It was decided that each Member should decide if they want their information on the Website.
Member information would be Password Protected.
Wayne will send out questionnaire 
Need New Chapter Flag for Mini Rally.
Wayne will research.
There was discussion about a trip to Mountain View, leaving from the Bedrock Rally on June 13 th.
Wayne asked for a show of hands.
Four rigs were in favor.
Scott Lyles reported that Pala Duro Canyon does not make group reservations, First Come, First Served.
I could not read my notes on play dates.
Four Member Rigs showed interest.
Need New Members
Norm had had  new Business Cards for the Chapter made at no cost to the Chapter, Stated it was his contribution.
Several Business Cards and Texas Travlers Description and Camping Schedule  pass outs were given each Member.
Scott Lyles reported that we need Hosts and Reporters.
He has a Sign Up Sheet availble.
Reminded every one it is their duty to help.
Wayne asked for a Motion to Adjourn
Motion was made by Carol Fttzgerald and seconded by Darlene Beasley
Motion Carried.
Submitted by
Lou Brush